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Cooperation Partners 2017

The Austrian National Library (ÖNB)
The history of the building dates back to the late Middle Ages. Now, the Austrian National Library is a perfect example of symbiosis of History and Modern Age! On the one hand, everyone has the opportunity to study old and new publications in one of the many reading rooms, or make digital knowledge inquiries. On the other hand, the baroque State Hall, which acts as the centrepiece of the library, is a reminder of the time when books and knowledge were only accessible to an elite class of society. Out of the 200.000 books that are displayed in this beautiful hall, about 15.000 are part of Prince Eugen of Savoy’s (1663-1736) collection.

The ÖNB is also responsible for the development and preservation of some other substantial collections in Vienna:

A major collection of approximately 200 objects, which have been on the list of the UNESCO World´s Documentary Heritage since 2001, can be viewed in the Papyrus Museum. The oldest papyrus descends from an ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead from the middle of the second millenium B.C.

The ÖNB is also in charge of the Globe Museum and the Esperanto Museum in the nearby Herrengasse. „Globetrotters“, in particular, might be interested in the Globe Museum for its 700 earth and celestial globes, moon globes and globe-related instruments. The Esperanto Museum may be more of a fascinating venue for linguistic explorers as it offers an insight into 500 Planned Languages.

The latest addition is the Literature Museum at the so-called Grillparzer-House in Johannesgasse, which is home to the complete works of Austrian Literature from the Enlightment period up until contemporary times.

We would kindly like to thank the representatives of the ÖNB and KHM, who have made the free visits of their museums possible for us on this day. We would also like to thank all other Partners that have supported us in hosting this day and dedicated the most recent edition of the Cultural Magazine to this event!