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Dear readers,

After a hot summer, autumn has finally arrived here in Vienna. We are now looking forward to the Indian summer with its golden colours and pleasant temperatures. We would be delighted to have you join us for a guided walk around Vienna, a guided hike or a personalised adventure of your choosing.

As of 1 October 2012, Vienna Guide Service can be reached via telephone and fax at these new numbers:
          Telephone:   +43 1 587 36 33 - 62                       Fax: +43 1  587 36 33 - 622 

Imperial Vienna

Many visitors flock to Vienna to learn about the city´s imperial past and heritage

During our guided walk, you will be able to see where the President resides, where the Lippizaner stallions of the Spanish Riding School delight the senses with their elegant moves and where the Vienna Boys‘ Choir sings mass on Sundays. You will learn how the political and power centre of the Habsburgs morphed from a medieval fort into a grand residence. As a matter of course, you will also hear plenty of anecdotes about Maria Theresa, Emperor Franz Joseph I. and his beautiful wife Sisi.  more »

Viennese cemeteries

Death must be Viennese, according to a song by legendary Austrian singer Georg Kreisler

You may ask: why is that? You will find out during a tour with one of Vienna’s highly qualified tourist guides. The Central Cemetery, the St. Marx Cemetery, the Grinzing Cemetery and, last but not least, the Imperial Crypt are full of stories and anecdotes about everyone from simple peasants to well-known stars and the royal family. Throughout time, the Central Cemetery has evolved into one of Vienna’s most beautiful parks, and autumn is the ideal time to visit it.    more »

Guided hiking tours

Hike to your heart´s content

Autumn is the perfect t time for hiking the great outdoors. Several of our colleagues offer guided hikes in the Vienna Woods. Hike to the top of the Leopoldsberg in the northern part of the Vienna Woods and explore Kahlenberg mountain. Both are considered to be Vienna’s hometown mountains.  Weather permitting, you will be able to enjoy fantastic views of Vienna. Alternatively, join us to see what the southern part of the Vienna Woods have to offer. Anninger mountain is a popular destination that can be reached from several directions, including Gumpoldskirchen, a well-known destination for wine lovers.  more »

Have a wonderful autumn season.

Best wishes from Vienna,

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